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What Exactly is a Wedding Video? | Omaha Wedding Video | Omaha Wedding Films

‘A professional Omaha wedding video or wedding film will have excellent sound, good filming technique, and skilled filmmakers….’

I remember the first time I saw the flickering images of old 8mm film with no sound, showing images of my grandfather walking my mother down the aisle on her wedding day in 1969, her dark hair long with a gown made of handmade Italian lace and my grandfather a dapper younger man than the old man I knew.  It was amazing!  To think that video allows you to be a witness to an event in the past is one of the most remarkable inventions.  Maybe you have heard the term ‘wedding video’ and it may conjure images of a dusty old VHS tape from your parent’s special day.  Maybe you watch wedding video clips on Vimeo or Youtube all the time, or maybe you’ve actually never seen a wedding video.  A wedding video is at it’s basic form a video shot on your wedding day, edited together and put into a format like a DVD, Blu-ray or digital file that you can watch again and again.  It can be short around 20 minutes or it can be up to 2 hours and watch more like a movie.  It can include the ceremony, reception, seeing each other, getting your dress on, filming your groom getting his tux on, filming your hair and makeup getting done at the salon or your hotel room.  But those are the events of the day.

A wedding video also captures less tangible but important emotion moments and nuances.  Like when your dad, mom or most importantly your groom sees you in your wedding dress for the first time!  It may capture your grandparents and other special people that you may or may not have any video of and you know won’t be around forever.  Flower girl and ring bearers will grow up, but you can see the fun of them walking down the aisle at that age over and over.  You can remember each word of your best friend’s toast or the look in your eyes as you make promises of your future together.  It’s so exciting and goes as fast as they say.  A wedding video can be very cinematic or documentary or more journalistic in style depending on what you like.  A professional Omaha wedding video or wedding film will have excellent sound, good filming technique, and skilled filmmakers (also called videographers) that can capture the real life moments beautifully as they are happening.  A wedding day is called a ‘special day’, because it is!  You plan this amazing event, spend money on all these details, and have everyone you love in one place.  It’s the party of a lifetime.  A great Omaha wedding video by The Silver Screen allows you to relive your special day.

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