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What Does The Silver Screen Omaha NE Wedding Video Cover?

Here at The Silver Screen, we pride ourselves on covering your day fully and editing it together so you have a movie of your day!  It’s about movie length of one and half hours to two hours all nicely edited together.  Our company is big on details, including your guests, family, details of the ceremony and reception, as well as all the major events!  We have packages that cover getting ready, so you can see what each other is up to getting ready for the day.  From hair, makeup and getting dressed, to the first meet, to the guests signing in at the ceremony guest book, to lovely cinematic shots of you as a couple, your guests at the reception enjoying themselves, details of the reception tables, dancing, fun, food, friends, toasts, and so much more.  Each wedding video is unique to our couples.  With us you get the full edited wedding movie and then also the short Cinematic Highlights so you can share a little of your day with family and friends.  A penny in your shoe, something blue, a special piece of jewelry, a unique ceremony custom or a reception tradition,  we specialize in getting the shots and moments of your unique day and personalities!  Contact us today!

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